World War 2 – Fighter pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Kovalenko

World War 2 - Alexander Kovalenko

World War 2 Photo – Kovalenko Alexander Andreevich (1909-1984).
– Member of the Soviet campaign in Poland in 1939 and the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940.
In the Great Patriotic War, Alexander Kovalenko participated since June 1941. He served in the Air Force of the Northern Fleet.
Alexander Kovalenko Flied on the I-16, Hurricane, P-40E Kittyhawk. By the beginning of May 1942, the commander of the squadron of the 2nd Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment, Captain A.A. Kovalenko, had carried out 146 sorties, in 22 air battles shot down 8 German aircraft. July 14, 1942 for the courage and military prowess, manifested in the battles with the enemies, he was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.
During the war, Alexander Kovalenko made 207 sorties, participated in 38 air battles, in which he shot down 13 enemy aircraft personally and 6 in the group.
Since 1945, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Kovalenko is in reserve, an invalid of the 2nd group. Lived in Moscow.
He was awarded the Order of Lenin, the Red Banner (twice), the Patriotic War of the 1st degree, medals, the British Order “For outstanding flying merits”.
Alexander Kovalenko died on June 21, 1984. He was buried at the Kuntsevo Cemetery.
His name was given to one MiG-31 aircraft from the 174th Guards Red Banner Pechenga Fighter Aviation Regiment named after B.F. Safonov.



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