World War 2 – caught fire tank KV-1 in the Battle of Voronezh

World War 2 - KV-1

World War 2 Photo – The Soviet heavy tank KV-1, damaged and burning. The photo was taken at the Battle of Voronezh in 1942.
KV-1 (Klim Voroshilov) – Soviet heavy tank of the times of the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union.
KV-1 Produced from August 1939 to August 1942.
KV-1 Took part in the war against Finland and the Great Patriotic War.



Date of the photo: June 1942
Author: Klintzsch



Source of information about the KV-1:
1. Bild 101I-216-0412-07

In : 1942

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