The corpse of Tadayoshi Koga, the Japanese pilot of the A6M Zero fighter

Tadayoshi Koga

The Japanese pilot of the Zero fighter, Tadayoshi Koga, who died in an unsuccessful forced landing. His fighter was the first A6M “Zero”, fallen into the hands of Americans.

During the Dutch Harbor attack on June 3, 1942, the fighter from the foreman Tadayoshi Koga from the aircraft carrier Ryudze was damaged and the pilot decided to make an emergency landing on the island of Akutan (Aleutian Islands), a specially designated place for emergency landing. When landing, the aircraft overturned and the pilot died. The crew of the Japanese submarine did not find the plane. It was found by the Americans on June 11, 1942. As a result of landing, the fighter was slightly damaged and quickly repaired and flew around. The information received after the tests was promptly sent to the troops and used in American aircraft construction.


Tadayoshi Koga


 Location: Aleutian Islands
Date: June 1942

In : 1942

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