The commander hands out the medal “For Courage” to the partisan Petr Gurko

Petr Gurko

The commander of the partisan detachment presents the medal “For Courage” to the young partisan-scout Pyotr Gurko (born in 1928).

The commander hands out the medal “For Courage” to the soldier of the partisan detachment “For the power of the Soviets” from the 4th partisan regiment of the 2nd partisan brigade Pyotr Ustinovich Gurko. The fighter is armed with a 7.62-mm Mosin carbine of the 1938 model. The young guerrilla medal was awarded on July 30, 1942 for valor and courage shown in two combat operations against German punitive expeditions. On June 13, 1942, under heavy fire of the enemy, Pyotr Gurko carried out two seriously wounded partisans with weapons from the battlefield and took them to a dressing station, which was 2 kilometers away.



Location: Pskov-Novgorod partisan zone, USSR
Date: July 30, 1942
Author: Mikhail Trakhman

In : 1942

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