The American cruiser “New Orleans”, damaged in battle for Tassafaronga

cruiser New Orleans

The damaged American cruiser “New Orleans” on December 1, 1942 near Tulagi Island. View of the main turret (guns caliber 203 mm).

The cruiser November 30, 1942 as part of the cruiser squadron under the command of Rear Admiral Wright in a night battle for Tassafarongi met with the destroyers of the Tokyo Express Japanese Admiral Reidzo Tanaka, who delivered reinforcements to Guadalcanal. Torpedo, caught in the cruiser “New Orleans” caused an explosion of the ammunition of the turret number 1, but the ship was not destroyed and reached the base in Tulagi. More than 180 sailors died on the ship. In battle, the Japanese lost 1 destroyer against 1 sunken heavy cruiser and three damaged cruisers of the American navy.



Location: Tulagi, Solomon Islands
Date: December 1942

In : 1942

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