Capitulation of the Italian army of the Duke of Aosta in Ethiopia

Italian troops

Italian army under the command of Prince Amedeo, 3rd Duke of Aosta surrender after the capitulation of the Amba-Alaga stronghold in Ethiopia.
After the success of the British army, Italian troops under the command of the Duke of Aosta moved south to Ethiopia, intending to give a decisive battle on the mountainous position at Amba-Alaga, 80 miles south of Asmara. At the disposal of the Duke of Aosta there were only 7,000 men, 40 guns and a supply stock for three months. Considering the senselessness of resistance, on May 19 the Duke of Aosta readily accepted the “honorable conditions” for surrender.
There were still isolated groups of Italian troops under the command of General Pietro Gazzera in southwestern Ethiopia and under the command of General Guglielmo Nasi in northwestern Ethiopia but until the autumn they were surrounded and defeated and Ethiopia was finally liberated from the Italian occupation.



Location: Ethiopia
Date: May 1941

In : 1941

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