Crew on the deck of the submarine U-408 Kriegsmarine

submarine U-408

The crew during the transfer from shipbuilders of the submarine (type VIIC) U-408 to Kriegsmarine, the navy of the Third Reich. The submarine’s commander is Korvettenkapitän (at the time of his death) Reinhard von Hymmen.
The submarine U-408 became part of the 11th Kriegsmarine flotilla in Norway. Acted against the northern maritime convoys of the Allies. I sank three vessels from convoy PQ-18 (Soviet steamship “Stalingrad” (carrying capacity 3,559 gross tons), American parachute Oliver Ellsworth (7,191 brt), English tanker Atheltemplar (8992 brt)).
The U-408 submarine was sunk with the whole crew (45 people) on November 5, 1942, with deep-seated bombs of the US Navy’s Catalina bomber aircraft.



Location: Danzig, West Prussia, Germany
Date: 19 November 1941

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