Assistance to an American sailor on board the USS Menges DE-320

USS Menges DE-320

Assistance to the American sailor from the sunk “Lansdale” destroyer (USS Lansdale DD-426) aboard the “Menges” US Coast Guard (USS Menges DE-320).

The Lansdale destroyer was sunk on April 20, 1944 by German aircraft (two torpedoes from Junkers Ju.88 aircraft) in the same episode when Paul Hamilton tanker (SS Paul Hamilton) was sunk.

In total, USS Menges has brought 119 sailors from the Landsdale destroyer on board. Nobody escaped the tanker Paul Hamilton.

In the photo from left to right: Virgil Mathis, Motor Machinist’s Mate; Melvin Howard; rescued sailor; and two unknown American sailors.

Location: Mediterranean Sea
Photo date: April 20, 1944
Photo by: Arthur Green

In : 1944

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