The mutilated bodies of the officers of the Red Army who were brutally killed by the fighters of the Brandenburg division

The mutilated bodies of the officers of the Red Army

The bodies of Soviet officers from the 960th rifle regiment of the 299th rifle division of the Red Army (commander of a rifle battalion, Major Ivan Ivanovich Kalashnikov, 1917 – 1944), commander of a communications platoon, lieutenant Alexey Shatalin (1923 – 1944) and commander of a rifle company, lieutenant Vagharshak Narenyan, 1912 – 1944) brutally killed by soldiers of the 2nd Regiment of the Brandenburg Division (2. Regiment der “Division Brandenburg”).

From the memoirs of the political director of the 3rd Ukrainian Front, Lieutenant General I. S. Anoshin:

“… The Nazis captured the wounded officers on the battlefield — Major Ivan Kalashnikov, Lieutenants Alexey Andreyevich Shatalin, and Naryanian Vagarshak. They scoffed at them for a long time and brutally tortured them. It was discovered that Major Kalashnikov’s body has traces of brutal torture – all fingers are pierced with a bayonet, six heavy wounds pulled out by red-hot pliers, neck marks that were used during torture, the left cheek is cut, the left ear is cut, the nose is cut and the cut is cut right eye, three bullet wounds on the head and one in the right thigh.

The body of Lieutenant Shatalin has six bullet wounds in the legs, abdomen and chest, his right eye was torn out, his lips were cut.

The body of Lieutenant Naregnan has traces of heavy beatings (bruises on his chest and back …) and three bullet wounds, one of which is in the nose”.

Sources of information about the photo:


Location: Mala Kamenica, Serbia, Yugoslavia
Photo date: September 27, 1944

In : 1944

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