88th Separate Guards Heavy Tank Regiment Celebrates Victory in Berlin Park

88th Separate Guards Heavy Tank Regiment

The photo belongs to Leonard Semenovich Bukhov (famous Soviet sound producer). So he writes about this photo:

“Our 88th Separate Guards Heavy Tank Regiment entered Berlin on April 21, 1945. The composition of the regiment was 4 companies of 5 JS-2 tanks and a tank of the regiment commander.

By the surrender of Berlin after ten days of fighting, on May 2nd, 10 of the JS-2 tanks remained in the regiment. The number of casualties was correspondingly. After the fighting, towards the evening of May 2, 1945, we were taken to Humboldt-Hein Park and ordered to set up tents. It was dangerous to stay in the houses because of the small groups of German soldiers who had taken refuge in the city.

We enjoyed the unusual silence. Rested a week …

On the morning of May 9, 1945, the general assembly was announced, the regiment commander Colonel Mzhachikh read the order of the Supreme Commander about the complete surrender of Nazi Germany.

In the photo you can see how we celebrated the Victory in Berlin.

Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: May 9, 1945
Photo by Konstantin Kuramshin (Kuramshin Zabikhula Sadykovich)

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