President of Finland Kyusti Kallio and Field Marshal Carl Mannerheim in Helsinki

Kyusti Kallio, Carl Mannerheim

President of Finland Kyuosti Kallio with Field Marshal Carl Gustav Emil Mannerheim at the railway station in Helsinki on December 19, 1940. Behind them in a dark suit is the President of the Republic of Ryti. On the left side of Mannerheim is the chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant-General Erik Heinrichs. Behind Kallio, his adjutant, Colonel Paasonen.
Kyusti Kallio resigned a few days ago due to poor health and is about to leave his home. Kallio’s right hand was paralyzed after a heart attack in August 1940. A few seconds after the photo was taken, Callio received a second heart attack and died.



Location: Helsinki, Finland
Date: December 19, 1940

In : 1940

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