Zheleznyakov the Soviet armored train in the battle raid

Zheleznyakov armored train

Sevastopol “Zheleznyakov” the Soviet armored train in a combat raid. In the photo, three ship turrets 34-K with guns caliber 76.2-mm and 12.7-mm large-caliber machine guns DShK (Degtyarev-Shpagin large-caliber).

“Zheleznyakov” The Soviet armored train conducted active combat operations from November 7, 1941, having carried out 140 combat raids on the front line.
“Zheleznyakov” the Soviet armoured train died on June 28, 1942 under the arches of the Troitsky Tunnel that collapsed during the Luftwaffe air raid.



Location: Sevastopol, Crimea, USSR
Date: May 1942

In : 1942

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