Yak-1B fighter of Leonid Smirnov with Nazi swastikas

Yak-1 Leonid Smirnov

Captured fighter Yak-1B commander of the squadron 148th Fighter Regiment Leonid Smirnov at the German airfield. On the Yak-1 the plane has already been marked with German identification signs and Nazi swastikas, but there is an inscription on board: “Stalin’s falcon Smirnov Leonid from the workers of the Frunzensky district of the city of Saratov.”

From the report of May 6, 1943:
“Captain Smirnov Leonid Dmitrievich, born in 1913, a native of Kharkov, commander of the Air Force 148 IAP, did not return from the combat mission to cover his troops in the Neberdzhaevskaya district by a Yak-1 plane. On the account had 7 + 4 downed enemy aircraft.
The whole four of them disappeared – Smirnov, Dronov, Tsirikov, Sviridov.”


Location: USSR
Date: 1943

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