World War II – SB bomber – Shooter-radio operator Nikolay Korolyov

sb bomber

World War 2 – Gunner-radio operator from 367 Bomber Aviation Regiment, Senior Sergeant Nikolai Sergeevich Korolev posing for the turret of the ShKAS machine gun from the SB bomber.
The gunner-radio operator Nikolai Korole from the SB bomber was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Battle in 1941. He Killed on February 4, 1942 – he did not return from combat sortie.

SB Bomber (ANT-40) – high-speed front-line bomber. The most mass production aircraft of the design bureau is A. N. Tupolev. The first flight was made on October 7, 1934 under the control of test pilot K.K. Popov. The first production aircraft SB was released in the spring of 1936. During the years of serial construction, the SB was repeatedly upgraded. Until the end of the serial production in 1941, 6656 SB bombers from various modifications were produced.


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