World War II: Radar FuMG 65 Wurzburg-Riese captured in Normandy

FuMG 65 Wurzburg-Riese

World War 2 photo: The German radar FuMG 65 Wurzburg-Riese captured by the Americans and blown up (probably by its crew) on the beach in Normandy near Arromanches-les-Bains.

Wurzburg-Riese (FuMG 65) had a parabolic antenna with a diameter of 7.5 m and a detection range of about 70 km. It worked at a wavelength of 53.6 cm (560 MHz). Such radars were made about 1500 units. Initially it was stationary, but several of them were then placed on railway wagons. Manufacturer: Telefunken. Year of construction: 1942. Weight: 15 tons. Crew: 6 people.




Location: Arromanches-les-Bains, Normandy, France
Date of the photo: 22 June 1944

In : 1944

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