World War II: Panthers medium tanks destroyed by T-70 of A. Pegov

World War II: Panthers

World War 2 photo: German “Panthers” medium tanks that were destroyed by the T-70 light tank from A. Pegov.

In February 1944 a light tank T-70, noticing two approaching German tank PzKpfw V “Panther“, disguised himself in the bush and took them in sight. After the Panthers approached 150-200 meters and put the side armor under attack, the T-70 suddenly opened fire from ambush and destroyed the Panther faster than they could detect it. Crews left the “Panthers” could not and died.
Commander T-70 junior lieutenant A. Pegov was introduced to the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.




Date of survey: 23 February 1944
Author: Grigory Chertov

In : 1944

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