World War 2 – Yak-1B fighter of Boris Yeremin – Soviet air ace

World War 2 - Yak-1

World War 2 Photos – Fighter Yak-1B in winter camouflage.

On board the Yak-1 aircraft there is a gift inscription: To the pilot of the Stalingrad Front of the Guards Major Comrade Eremin from the collective farmer of the Stakhanovets collective farm. Comrade Holovaty.
On this Yak-1B aircraft, Hero of the Soviet Union Boris Nikolayevich Eremin (1913-2005), who during the war made 342 sorties, carried out over 100 assault positions of the enemy, participated in 70 air battles, shot down 23 German aircraft (8 personally, 15 in a group).



Source of information about the Yak-1:
1. The newspaper Volzhskaya Kommuna No. 22 (7199) of January 28, 1943



Date of the photo: January 1943
Photo Author: Leonid Leonidov

In : 1943

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