World War 2: Tashkent leader of the destroyers goes to besieged Sevastopol

World War 2: Tashkent

World War 2 photo: Tashkent leader of the destroyers goes to besieged Sevastopol from Novorossiysk. View from the nose to the second chimney of the ship.
Tashkent – the leader of the destroyers of the project 20I, built in Livorno on the Italian project for the Naval Forces of the Red Army. Because of the bluish protective color, the leader Tashkent received the nickname Blue Cruiser among the civilian population of the Black Sea cities.
The leader of the destroyers Tashkent Took part in the battles in the Black Sea Fleet of the USSR during the Great Patriotic War.
The leader of the destroyers Tashkent Flooded by German aircraft in the Novorossiysk port on July 2, 1942.



Photo place: Black sea
Date of the photo: 26 June 1942

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