World War 2 – Schlachtschiff Gneisenau – German battle cruiser

World War 2 - schlachtschiff gneisenau

World War 2 photos – Famous German battle cruiser “Gneisenau” (Schlachtschiff Gneisenau) in the Atlantic before the start of hostilities.

Schlachtschiff “Gneisenau”

Schlachtschiff “Gneisenau” – Particularly active in 1940 against British maritime convoys and combat formations. In 1943 Schlachtschiff “Gneisenau” was withdrawn from Kriegsmarine, on March 28, 1945, it was flooded to block the channel. Schlachtschiff “Gneisenau” was cut to metal in 1951.



Author: A. Klein
Location: Atlantic
Date of the photo: 1938

In : 1938

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