World War 2 – mopping-up operation – war in Ukraine

World War 2 - mopping up operation

World War 2 photo – German soldiers from the Wehrmacht are inspecting houses during the “mopping-up operation” in the wars in Ukraine in search of partisans and soldiers of the Red Army.

Mopping-up operation

Mopping-up operation is a common name for operational and security measures in populated areas for the verification of identity documents of citizens, inspection of premises, buildings, etc. with the aim of detaining suspicious persons who may be involved in unlawful activities, as well as identifying and removing prohibited To the turnover of objects (weapons, explosives, drugs, etc.)



Location: Ukraine, Gatnoe village
Date of the photo: 6 August 1941
Author: Johannes Höhle (Propagandakompanie 637, 6th Army)

In : 1941

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