World War 2: DShK anti-aircraft machine gun from the Tashkent destroyer leader

World War 2: DShK

World War 2 photo: The team of the 12.7-mm machine gun of the DShK on the leader of the destroyers Tashkent is preparing to repel the enemy’s air raid. Running bridge, a view to the stern on the chimneys.
In the center of the picture near the DShK machine gun – Mamontov Vasily Fedorovich.
DShK – Soviet machine-gun heavy machine gun for a cartridge of 12.7 × 108 mm. It was developed on the basis of the design of a large-caliber machine gun DK.
In February 1939, the DShK was adopted by the Red Army under the designation “12.7 mm large-caliber Degtyarev-Shpagin machine gun of the 1938 model”.



Location: Black Sea
Date of the photo: 27 June 1942

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