World War 2: A platoon of Soviet infantry resting in the rear

platoon infantry

World War 2 photo: A platoon of Soviet infantry resting in the rear of the Red Army.
During the war, the commander of the 144th regiment of the 49th Guards Rifle Division, Lubenchenko, practiced in his regiment the methods of psychological unloading. According to the memories of the veteran of this regiment, V.V. Wojciechowicz, when it was possible, a whole Soviet infantry platoon or company, was removed from the front line and allowed to rest for a whole week.
This photo shows the moment of a festive dinner for a platoon of Soviet infantry, withdrawn to rest in the rear. The commander of the regiment appears before the soldiers.




Date of the photo: 1944
Author: Anatoly Lambros



Source of the Soviet infantry: archive of the 49th Guards Rifle Division

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