Warships of the French navy during the flooding in Toulon

Warships of the French navy

The burning and sunken warships of the French navy, photographed from the aircraft of the British Air Force the day after flooding by their crews near the quay walls in Toulon city.

Warships of the French navy from left to right:
– a liner cruiser “Strasbourg” class “Dunkirk” – was flooded by the crew, lay down on the ground on an even keel.
– heavy cruiser Colbert class Suffren – flooded, despite the presence of German officers. Subsequently, it detonated ammunition.
– heavy cruiser “Algeri”, built in the singular in response to the appearance of Italian heavy cruisers class “Zara” – was blown up, burned for 20 days.
– light cruiser “Marseillaise” class “La Galisson” – Kingston by order of the captain were opened by the crew on the one hand, the cruiser turned over and exploded, burned for 7 days.



Location: Toulon, France
Date: November 28, 1942

In : 1942

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