Warsaw ghetto: street section

Warsaw ghetto

Warsaw ghetto: street section and Jews.
Warsaw ghetto (German: Warschauer Ghetto, Polish. Getto warszawskie, Yiddish ווארשעווער געטא, official name Jewish residential area in Warsaw, German Jüdischer Wohnbezirk in Warschau) – a Jewish ghetto in Warsaw created by the Nazis during the occupation of Poland.

During the existence of the Warsaw ghetto, its Jewish population decreased from 450 thousand to 37 thousand people. During the work of the ghetto, there was one uprising, which ultimately led to the abolition of the entire ghetto and the transfer of prisoners to the Treblinka death camp.

Photo Information Source:

  1. digitalassets.ushmm.org

Location: Warsaw, Poland
Photo time: June-August 1941
Photo by: Willy Georg

In : 1941

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