War crimes of the Nazis in the East: Bagerovsky anti-tank ditch near Kerch city

Bagerovsky anti-tank ditch

War crimes of the Nazis in the East: Bagerovsky anti-tank ditch near Kerch city. Local residents lament the people killed by the Nazis – civilians: women, children, the elderly.

A fragment from the “Act of the Extraordinary State Commission on the atrocities of the Germans in the city of Kerch,” presented at the Nuremberg trial under the title “USSR Document-63”: “… The Nazis chose the place of mass execution an anti-tank ditch near the village of Bagerovo, where vehicles were brought in for three days whole families of people doomed to death. Upon the arrival of the Red Army in Kerch, in January 1942, during the survey of the Bagerovsky ditch, it was found that over a kilometer in length, 4 meters wide, 2 meters deep, it was full of corpses of women, children, old people and teenagers. Near the moat were frozen puddles of blood. Children’s hats, toys, ribbons, torn buttons, gloves, bottles with nipples, boots, galoshes along with stumps of hands and feet and other parts of the body were also lying there. All this was splashed with blood and brain. Fascist scoundrels shot defenseless people with bursting bullets … “

In total, about 7,000 corpses were found in the Bagherovsky ditch.

The author’s name of the photo is “Woe”.



Location: Kerch, Crimea, Russia
Date: 02 January 1942
Author: Dmitry Baltermants

In : 1942

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