Valeria Borts – girl member of the underground anti-fascist organization “Young Guard”

Valeria Borts


Valeria Davydovna Borts (1927-1996) – one of the few who, after the defeat of the underground anti-fascist organization “Young Guard” escaped arrest and survived. When the arrests began, she tried with Oleg Koshevoy, Sergei Tyulenin and the sisters Nina and Olga Ivantsov to cross the front line, but the attempt was unsuccessful. Before the arrival of the Soviet troops, Valeria Borts was hiding with relatives in Voroshilovgrad.

The photo was taken after August 1943, when Valeria Borts, after the liberation of Krasnodon, passed an external secondary school exam and entered the Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages.


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Location: Moscow, USSR
Date: 1943

In : 1943

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