US soldiers inspect the seized Nazi weapons container

Nazi weapons container


American soldiers inspect the seized Nazi arms container, intended for the Airborne Forces of the Wehrmacht.
The container has a length of 150 cm, height and width – 40 cm, equipped with stiffening ribs, several canvas handles, two rubberized wheels and a metal T-shaped folding handle. The mass of the packaged container is about 100 kg. On the end wall opposite to the fastening of the parachute sling, there is a metal collapsible depreciation system in the form of a thin-walled corrugated pipe.
The weapon container in the photograph contains: Panzerfaust 60M dynamo-anti-tank rocket launcher, German anti-personnel fragmentation type Stielhandgranate 24 grenades, 250-round 7.92-mm container boxes.


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Location: Kornelimunster, Germany
Date: December 17, 1944

In : 1944

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