US Coast Guard Boats sailor Charles Tyner inspects his steel helmet damaged by a shard

US Coast Guard Boats

Black Coast Artillery Sailor 1st Class from US Coast Guard Boats (USCG) Charles Tyner (Coast Guardsman Charles Tyner, Fireman first class) inspects his steel helmet, damaged by a large fragment of an artillery shell in battle during the landing of the Allies on the beaches of southern France.
Charles Tyner himself escaped with light scratches.

OF THE U.S. COAST GUARD, the service’s cutters, aircraft, and boats are standing by 24/7 to respond to safety and security threats in all weather conditions, day or night. As the lead federal agency in the maritime domain for law
enforcement, incident response, homeland security, and disaster management,
these specialized capabilities enable the Coast Guard to save lives, protect the
environment, enforce federal laws on the high seas, and defend the homeland.
In recent years, the Coast Guard realized several achievements with recapitalizing its assets.
The service christened the sixth national security cutter (NSC), Munro, in
November 2015. The fifth NSC, James, was commissioned in August 2015. The service commissioned its 14th fast response cutter late in 2015, and 14 HC-27J aircraft
are being transferred from the Air Force and modified for Coast Guard missions.
Despite these milestones, fleet and aircraft recapitalization timelines lag
service need, endangering the ability to be “Always Ready” to prepare for,
respond to, and quickly recover from major incidents. Moving forward, the
Coast Guard will thoughtfully pursue and achieve a balanced and executable
acquisition program for the deteriorating offshore, coastal, and inland assets.

Source: US National Archives.

Location: France
Photo Time: 1944

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