US 12th Armored Division and German soldiers in Itter Castle

Itter Castle

Soldiers from the 23rd Tank Battalion of the American 12th Panzer Division and German soldiers who jointly defended high-ranking French prisoners in Itter Castle from attacks by soldiers from the SS Panzergrenadier SS-Division of the Götz von Berlichingen.



Location: Austria
Time of photo: 05 May 1945

In : 1945

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  1. Alan Ostergaard

    The American soldier in the foreground of the picture of American and German soldiers at Itter Castle, is my father, Sergeant Arthur Ostergaard. He was a tank driver with Headquarters Company, 23rd Tank Battalion. The picture was taken after the battle to rescue the French VIP’s was over. Knowing the war would be over any day or hour, the Germans in the picture were in a good mood, and willing to be taken into custody by the Americans, who were treating them well. They had fought together with Americans, to keep the fanatical SS troops from taking the castle and executing the French prisoners.

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