Unloading of the Messerschmitt Me 323 Gigant Transport Aircraft

Unloading of the Messerschmitt Me.323 «Giant» Transport Aircraft

Unloading of the German heavy transport aircraft Messerschmitt Me 323 Giant (Messerschmitt Me.323 Gigant) from Nazi Luftwaffe.

Messerschmitt Me.323 Gigant transport aircraft were widely used to supply German forces in North Africa and Italy, as well as in the end of 1943 – the first half of 1944 two squadrons of Messerschmitt Me.323 Gigant transport planes perform tasks on the Eastern Front, in particular voyages to Odessa and Sevastopol.

Messerschmitt Me.323 Gigant transport plane was not the most successful aircraft in the atmosphere of hostilities of World War II, but less so to me, he had a number of advantages (high capacity, efficiency, maintainability) and is the world’s first dedicated military transport aircraft in which a variety of advanced technical solutions (wide fuselage, large front cargo hatchб convertible cargo compartment, multi-wheeled chassis) have been applied.
The truck in the photo – MAN L4500S.

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