Unfinished Italian “Aquila” aircraft carrier

Aquila aircraft carrier

Unfinished Italian “Aquila” aircraft carrier.
After the British air strike on Taranto in Italy, work began on the re-equipment of the “Roma” of the sea liner into an aircraft carrier, called the Aquila. By September 1943, ship readiness was 80%.
After the capitulation of Italy, the unfinished Aquila was captured by the German forces in Genoa.
On June 16, 1944, the Aquila was damaged during an Allied air raid, on April 19, 1945 it was again seriously damaged by the Chariots torpedo (with Italian crews) and flooded by the Nazis.
After the end of the war “Aquila” the aircraft carrier was raised in 1949, towed to repair in La Spezia, but in 1951-1952 was scrapped.

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