Two towing ships towed the English “Spartan” light cruiser

Spartan light cruiser

Two towing vessels tow the English Spartan light cruiser.

“Spartan” light cruiser – light cruiser Dido class.
“Spartan” light cruiser – number 95.
“Spartan” light cruiser – the construction started on December 21, 1941, launched on August 27, 1942, accepted into the Royal Navy of Great Britain on January 10, 1943.

“Spartan” light cruiser carried service in the Mediterranean. Based in Malta. He participated in the landing of the Allies in the Italian city of Anzio.

The “Spartan” light cruiser was sunk on January 29, 1944 by a German cruise missile (planning bomb) Henschel HS293 in the Gulf of Anzio (41 sailors killed, 42 injured).

Location: Mediterranean, Malta
Date of the photo: 1943

In : 1943

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