Two German officers awarded the Knight’s Cross

German officers

Two German officers from the Nazi Wehrmacht, awarded the Knight’s Cross.
On the left (with four sleeve marks “For a destroyed tank”) – Erich Löffler. He was awarded the Knight’s Cross on October 7, 1942, being in the rank of captain and in the post of commander of the 2nd battalion of the 57th infantry regiment.
On the right is Karl Langesee. He received the Knight’s Cross on August 10, 1942 as a captain, commander of the 2nd battalion of the 207th Jaeger Regiment. Awarded Oak leaves on March 15, 1943, being a major in the same post.

Erich Leffler died on March 17, 1945 in the battles for Frankfurt am Main, being the commandant of the city.
Karl Langesee successfully surrendered to the Americans and lived a long life – he died on March 4, 1989 in Augsburg (Bavaria, Germany) at the age of 79.

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