Transplanting wounded sailors from USS Menges to a tugboat

Transplanting wounded sailors

Transplanting the wounded and moving the bodies of dead American sailors from the Menges (USS Menges DE-320) US Coast Guard ship to a tug.

On the night of May 2, 1944, the German U-371 submarine was detected by escort ships of the GUS-38 naval convoy when charging batteries, was driven into the water, a day later (May 4, 1944 at 4:30) surfaced batteries and air supplies and was sunk (49 German submariners escaped, 3 died).

During this hunt at 1:20 am, the acoustic guard of the Gnat, launched from U-371, was hit by the Menges escort ship of the US Coast Guard. The torpedo explosion killed 31 people, 25 were injured; the ship lost part of the stern, but remained afloat and was towed to the repair site in one of the ports of North Africa.

Location: North Africa
Photo date: 1944

In : 1944

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