Torpedo hit at USS Langley

Torpedo hit at USS Langley

War at sea: The crew of the Whipple destroyer (USS Whipple (DD-217) observes a torpedo hit by their ship on Langley air transport (USS Langley (AV-3).
After damage to air transport by five bombs from Japanese aircraft near the port of Cilacap (Java), to which Langley delivered P-40 fighter jets, it was decided to scuttle the ship so that it would not get to the Japanese. The destroyers of the Whipple and Edsall escort fired 9,102 mm shells and two torpedoes, after which the Langley sank.
Part of the rescued crew of the USS Langley, as well as the surviving fighter pilots (31 of 33), died after the Edsall sank with all the people on board.



Location: Indonesia
Date: February 27, 1942

In : 1942

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