Torpedo B5N2 Kate bomber coming out of the attack on the Hornet aircraft carrier

B5N2 Kate, Hornet aircraft carrier

Japanese B5N2 “Kate” torpedo bomber, coming out of the attack on the aircraft carrier “Hornet” during the battle near the island of Santa Cruz (in the Japanese version of “Battle of the Eastern Solomon Islands”), in the Battle for Guadalcanal. The torpedo, a splash from which is visible on the right, will fall into the aircraft carrier and finally deprive him of power supply and communications. In the background, an American destroyer is visible.
In this battle, the “Hornet” was badly damaged, having received three torpedo hits from Japanese aircraft for two attacks, more than ten bombs and a D3A “Val” dive bomber. After unsuccessful actions to save the ship, an attempt was made to sink the aircraft carrier with destroyers of escort, but withstanding 6 torpedoes and a large number of 5-inch shells, the Hornet remained afloat. Later, the faded carrier of the aircraft carrier was flooded by Japanese destroyers “Akigumo” and “Makigumo”.



Location: Guadalcanal
Date: October 26, 1942

In : 1942

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