The Soviet KV-2 tank, got stuck in the mud near a airfield


Soviet heavy tank KV-2 from 7 Mechanized Corps of the Red Army, got stuck in  mud in area from a airfield.
Behind this KV-2 – the destroyed Soviet biplane plane (probably P-5) and German transport aircraft Junkers Ju 52.

KV-2 mod.1940

KV-2 – Soviet heavy assault tank of initial period Great Patriotic War. The abbreviation KV means “Kliment Voroshilov” – official name of  serial Soviet heavy tanks of the 1939-1943 edition, named afterhero of Civil War in Russia, military and political figure Voroshilov, Kliment Yefremovich. Originally, tank was called “KV with a big turret” (unlike KV-1)

Engine KV-2:

KV-2 tank was equipped with a four-stroke V-shaped 12-cylinder diesel engine V-2K with a capacity of 500 horsepower (382 kW) at 1800 rpm. Subsequently, power of the KV-2 engine was brought to 600 horsepower (441 kW).



Location: Vitebsk, USSR
Date: 1941

In : 1941

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