The Soviet long-range bomber Er-2 during the factory tests

bomber Er-2

The Soviet long-range bomber Yer-2 during the factory tests at the Flight Research Institute (LII). The photo shows the first prototype of DB-240.

The long-range bomber Er-2 was developed under the guidance of the aircraft designer V.G. Ermolaev on the basis of the high-speed passenger aircraft “Steel-7”. The tests of Er-2 were completed in the autumn of 1940, after which it began its serial production. Ер-2 had a solid construction, a good view from the cockpit of the pilot and navigator, a large capacity of fuel tanks, the possibility of suspension inside the fuselage of 4 bombs of 500 kg, a good defensive fire and easy takeoff and landing.

Since the beginning of the war, the Er-2s were included in the 420th and 421st aviation regiments of the 81st Air Division, which was the predecessor of ADD – long-range aviation. As of August 4, 1941, the regiments had: 420th – 32 aircraft, and 421 – 28 aircraft.



Location: Stakhanovo, Moscow region
Date: 1940

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