The Soviet Hurricane Mk IIB fighter of Major-General A. Kuznetsov

Hurricane Mk IIB

The Soviet fighter Hurricane Mk IIB(T), piloted by the commander of the Air Force of the Northern Fleet, Major-General of Aviation A. Kuznetsov.
The fuselage of Hurricane Mk IIB shows signs of repainting, tactical number “01” and serial number Z5252. The Hurricane fighter in tropical version with the serial number Z5252 of the summer of 1941 was delivered by a transport ship from England to Arkhangelsk in August 1941. On September 25, 1941, the commander of the Air Force of the Northern Fleet, Major-General A. Kuznetsov arrived at the airfield, who first tried to fly to English fighters. For the flight, he was granted a plane with the serial number Z5252 and applied Soviet identification marks. After the visit, Kuznetsov began training Soviet pilots under the guidance of British pilots.
The combat route of the aircraft with the serial number Z5252 was completed on June 2, 1942, when the pilot flying him, Lt. P. Markov, was shot down west of Murmansk during the air battle of 7 Soviet “Hurricanes” from the 2nd Guards Fighter Regiment against 12 German fighters Bf.109E from 8- th squadron of the 5th Luftwaffe fighter squadron (8./JG5). Lieutenant Markov landed a faulty aircraft on the ice of a small lake 4 kilometers from Murmansk and arrived at the location of the unit. The group, sent to evacuate the fighter, found the plane collapsed under the ice of the lake. The rise of the aircraft was deemed inexpedient.
On October 13, 2004 the plane was raised from the bottom of the lake and sent to Moscow for restoration.



Location: Murmansk, USSR
Date: September 25, 1941

In : 1941

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