The son of the regiment Petr Korolev

Petr Korolev

The son of the regiment is Pyotr Korolev.
Korolev Petr Ivanovich (1930-1998). In 1941 he lived on the territory of the Ugransky district of the Smolensk region. The village of Sergeevo, in which he lived, was occupied by the Wehrmacht. Until 1943 he was connected with local partisans, in the detachment of which was his father. In 1943 (at the age of 13!) With regular troops of the Red Army went to the front and reached Berlin in the 1-Belorussian Front.

Photo provided by the grandson of Peter Korolev – Sergey Korolev.



Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: 1945

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In : 1945

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