The son of the regiment of the 17th Guards Tank Brigade

The son of the regiment

Tankmen from the 17th Guards Tank Brigade of the Red Army and the son of the regiment are sitting on the armor of the medium tank T-34-85.
In the photo from left to right: senior sergeant Boris Vorontsov – tank driver; Alik – son of the regiment (surname is known); Vova – Junior Lieutenant Vladimir Viktorovich Ponomarev, commander of the T-34/85 tank of the 17th Guards Tank Brigade as part of the 1st Guards Tank Corps of the 1st Belorussian Front, Junior Lieutenant Gennady Fatysov – Vladimir’s friend at the Kurgan Tank School, the commander of another ” thirty-four. “

This is the last shot of junior lieutenant Vladimir Ponomarev. He will perish on July 25, 1944 in the battles for Brest, near the Bialystok-Brest road, near the village of Cheremha in Poland (Polish Czeremcha, Gmina Czeremcha). Awarded the Order of the Patriotic War II degree for the battles near Minsk, the Order of the Red Star (posthumously, order book M 097118).


Source: family archive of A. Ponomarev.



Location: Slonim, Grodno region, Belarus, USSR
Date: June 27, 1944

In : 1944

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