The sailor of the Soviet cruiser Molotov reads the newspaper The British Ally

newspaper The British Ally

Sailor of the Soviet cruiser of the Black Sea Fleet project 26-bis “Molotov” I. Chertov reads the newspaper “British Ally”. In the background there is a 12.7-mm quadruple shipborne anti-aircraft machine gun “Vickers”.

“British Ally” is a weekly newspaper in Russian, published and distributed in the Soviet Union on Sundays since 1942 during the war and in the first post-war years. The weekly was published by the Ministry of Information of Great Britain. The newspaper published reports from the fronts, reports on the heroism of British soldiers, articles on Anglo-Russian military and cultural cooperation, notes on the awarding of British government awards to the British, digests of the fresh numbers of the English press.



Location: USSR
Date: 1943
Author: Evgeni Khaldei



Source of information about the Soviet cruisers photo:

In : 1943

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