The pilot-fighter guard Senior Lieutenant Mikhail Chekhunov

Mikhail Chekhunov

The fighter pilot Guard Senior Lieutenant Mikhail Nikitovich Chekhunov, who flew as part of the 18th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment. Shot down 10 enemy aircraft personally and 1 in the group.

His last fight was Mikhail Chekhunov spent September 2, 1943, flying to the area of ​​the town of Yelnya. Together with the slave, he attacked eight Fw-190 fighters and shot down the enemy aircraft from the very first attack. In this battle he was seriously wounded and lost consciousness. The pilot miraculously survived and, after a cure in the hospital, returned to the regiment, but could not fly further – the shell fragment was seriously affected by the right eye.



Date: 1943
Author: Mikhail Savin

In : 1943

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