The Soviet pilot fighter guard Captain Alexander Myasnikov

Alexander Myasnikov

Assistant to the commander of the 3rd Guards Aviation Regiment of the 61st Fighter Aviation Brigade of the Baltic Fleet Air Force the Guard Captain Alexander Myasnikov.
Myasnikov Alexander Fedorovich was born in 1909. In the army since 1930, a participant in the Winter War of 1939-40 in the Air Force of the Baltic Fleet. During the first nine months of the Great Patriotic War, Myasnikov’s squadron shot down 64 enemy planes in 127 air battles. Alexander Myasnikov in the 62 air battles destroyed individually and in the group of 11 enemy aircraft.
He died on September 11, 1942 during his 315th combat sortie. On this day, Major Alexander Myasnikov led a group of three “Hurricanes” to escort the Pe-2 dive bombers to the Mustolovo district.



Location: USSR
Date: June 1942

In : 1942

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