Einsatzgruppe: The murder of the last Jew in the city of Vinnitsa, Ukraine

The Last Jew in Vinnitsa

The famous picture of the execution of the last Jew of Vinnitsa, made an officer of the Nazi Einsatzgruppe, engaged in the execution of persons to be destroyed (in the first place – the Jews). Picture Title was written on its reverse side.

Vinnitsa was occupied by German army in the July 19, 1941. Some of the Jews who lived in the city, managed to evacuate. The remaining Jews were enclosed in the ghetto. July 28, 1941 in the town of 146 Jews were shot by a Einsatzgruppe. In August, the shooting resumed. September 22, 1941 most of the prisoners Vinnitsa ghettos Jews were killed (about 28 000). They were left alive craftsmen, laborers and technicians, whose work was required by the German occupation authorities.

April 16, 1942, almost all the Jews were shot (left alive only 150 professionals of the Jews). The last 150 Jews were shot on August 25, 1942. However, the Germans failed to destroy all the Jews of Vinnitsa polls – Jews, hiding in the city participated in the citywide underground. Among the underground, there were at least 17 Jews.


Place photos: Vinnitsa, Ukraine, USSR
Date: August 25, 1942

In : 1942

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