The Khitrykh family meet their son Vladimir, who returned from the front

The Khitrykh family

Anna Nikolaevna Khitrykh, her daughter Zoya meet and hug her son and brother – Volodya Khitrykh, who returned from the front.

Their husband and father, Nikolai Mikhailovich Khitrykh, is a junior sergeant, commander of the second fighter battalion of the 3rd Guards Fighter Anti-Tank Brigade. Communist. Awarded the Order of the Patriotic War II degree for the destruction in one battle of 6 German tanks, of which 3 “Tiger” heavy tanks and a platoon of enemy infantry. The award did not have time to receive – he died in the offensive from a fragment of an enemy mine on July 25, 1943 in the vicinity of the village of Pokhvisnevo, Kursk Region. He was buried on the battlefield 2 km from this village.
In the background of the picture are officers of the 3rd fighter anti-tank brigade.



Location: USSR
Date: 1943
Photo by Natalia Bode

In : 1943

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