The harbor of Taranto after the attack of the English Fairey “Swordfish” torpedo bombers

The harbor of Taranto

Aerial view of the Taranto harbor, taken the day after the English attack by the English Fairey Swordfish torpedo bombers The picture was taken from an English reconnaissance aircraft

As a result of a night attack (on the night of November 12, 1940) of twenty English Fairey “Swordfish” deck torpedo bombers from the aircraft carrier “Illustrious” (HMS Illustrious) of the Italian naval base Taranto, the Conte di Cavour battleship was seriously sunk, and the battleships Littorio and Caio Duilio seriously damaged. The cruiser and the destroyer were damaged by bombs, port facilities were damaged.
The British lost 2 planes during the attack.

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Location: Taranto, Italy
Image Date: November 13, 1940

In : 1940

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