The Germans inspect the destroyed T-34-85 in Nemmersdorf village

destroyed T-34-85

The Germans inspect the destroyed Soviet T-34-85 medium tank No. 244 from the 25th Guards Tank Brigade in the vicinity of the village of Nemmersdorf, East Prussia (now Mayakovskoe, Kaliningrad region of Russia).

Nemmersdorf was one of the first settlements in East Prussia, in which Soviet troops entered. On the morning of October 21, 1944, the village was occupied by units of the 25th Guards Tank Brigade. On October 22, German troops (parts of the German Goering division, 413th motorized infantry regiment and Volkssturm) undertook several attacks on Nemmersdorf. General Chernyakhovsky considered that there was a danger of encirclement, and gave the order for retreat. October 23, Nemmersdorf was occupied by German army.


Sources of information about the T-34-85 photo:
1. BundesarchivBild 101I-464-0384I-35



Location: Nemmersdorf, East Prussia, Third Reich
Date: October 25, 1944
Photo by Kleiner

In : 1944

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