The fuselage of an American B-17 bomber damaged by a direct hit of an anti-aircraft projectile

fuselage of an B-17 bomber

B-17G-25-DL “Sweet Pea” bomber (serial number 42-38078) from the 429th Squadron of the 2nd Bombing Group of the 15th Air Force of the US Air Force received a direct attack of an anti-aircraft projectile during a raid on the Hungarian city of Debrecen on 21 September 1944.
Despite critical damage, the pilot Guy M. Miller was able to fly to Amendola airfield in Italy. The radio operator Anthony Ferrara and the shooter James F. Maguire were injured, the shooter Elmer H. Buss died immediately, and the stern shooter James E. Totty died from his wounds while returning to base. Surprisingly, the damaged aircraft was repaired and put into operation again.

Location: Italy
Date: September 1944

In : 1944

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