The death of the English “Lancaster” troop transport vessel

Lancaster transport vessel

The death of the English “Lancaster” military transport vessel (RMS Lancastria) in June 17, 1940.

On June 17, 1940, the English Lancaster, a troop carrier (before the war, a passenger liner cruising the Mediterranean) with a displacement of 16,243 tons, was sunk by German Junkers Ju-88 bombers off the coast of France.
RMS Lancastria evacuated British military units defeated by the Nazis to the UK from France. There were also a large number of civilians on board, including women and children.
The ship was sunk during a twenty-minute attack shortly after leaving the French port of Saint-Nazaire. As a result, about four thousand passengers died – drowned, killed by bomb blasts, shelling, suffocating in oil polluted water. Managed to save 2477 people.

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Location: English Channel
Date: June 17, 1940

In : 1940

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